Camwhoring with…. Pretties^^

12 Nov

hohoho~ Last Friday, had a date with a few pretty Pretties^^ Yea, Chu, Ling and Cal!!!!

We went dating at The Star Vista, 5mins walk from Buona Vista Mrt. New place but just as packed. And one thing to ‘complain’ is that the place is of open concept SO……NO AIRCON!!!!!!! >;.<; I was fanning madly while we were queuing at Nandos. And to add, service at Nandos was really 不怎么样! *humph* No wish to elaborate cos it’s really a waste of time. I wouldn’t go there again. Period.

After dinner, we went to Pinocchio for a cuppa and some chit-chat moments. That’s when we started camwhoring away. Hehehehehehe Like a fun only! I’ll share our ‘result’ from all the camwhoring kekekeke the collage was by Cal, I only added Tuzki to cover up our pretty faces except for Chu, I’m sure u know why. Hahahahaha

Guess which is me? Hehehehe LOL.

Anyway, I got this from Ling!!!! My U:zoosin handphone stud and button stickers! A whopping $23 @_@ and like what Ling said when she received the item, it’s really…..not so nice and the quality…. really…hmmmmm :( But well, I still use it though :p

And I miss out buying R.O.M.E.O’s 2nd Japan single ‘Tonight’s the Night’….. Cal and Ling each bought the whole set and they received 5 file folders each since they bought full set, and Cal and Ling were sooooo kind to give me and Chu one each since now the ordering from the website no longer gives out the free file folder >;.<; I’ll have to wait for a while more before I can get hold of my album. Take a look at the file folder, so nice right?!!! Just imagine if i use this to put documents and give it to my boss to go through.. hehehehehe i think he’ll get a shock~ Haha

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