Kim Hyun Joong’s 나야

9 Nov

Hehehehehehe I’m sure if you are Hyun Joong’s fan, you’d have heard about his cute action at his buddy JaeJoong’s movie premiere. No? It’s ok, I’ll share the clip here^^

Video Courtesy (Original file) + (youtube)

When it was JJ’s turn to deliver his speech, HJ shouted from the audience seat “Handsome” and JJ was kinda caught by surprise(?) and asked “Do you know me?” and HJ replied “나야” which means “It’s me”, and everyone broke out into laughters. Hahahahaha so cute right?!! Omg when I saw the video clip this morning, I keep replaying the video throughout my journey to work. I’m just smiling from ear to ear like a silly girl and there are some passengers who kept staring at me. Hah *heck care* Most importantly is I’m so happy! :p

So how r u feeling after hearing what HJ did? He’s exercising his 4Dness again yah? So funny! And the thing is, it was at a official event, but irregardless he still tease his buddy, like a fun to see only^^ It has been really a long time since we last seen him behaving like that. Just….CUTE!

And I found this picture on weibo, HJ was seated one row behind his buddies Junsu and Yuchun. Not sure why they are not sitting together though >;.<; It'll be such a beautiful sight to see if all 3 of them sit together, don't you think so? Hehehe

Anyways, there’s fans on weibo sharing the mp3 cut of the 2 bros cute convo. You can go there and find the link for download.

I’ve also cut and converted HJ’s part from ‘handsome and me’ and set it as my phone sms tone. *evil smirk* hehehehehe

*Added video on Hyun Joong’s interview at the movie premiere. SO HANDSOME!!

If the video is not showing, try this link >;>;
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