Madame Tussauds Busan, ‘Global Hallyu’ Leader Kim Hyun Joong Wax Exhibition!

7 Nov

마담투소 부산, ‘글로벌 한류’ 선두인 김현중 밀랍인형 전시! Kyaaaaaaaaa I’m so excited! Hahahaha.. I think I’m crazy >;.<;

I guess many of Hyun Joong's fans will feel the same like me… it's really an honor to be selected as one of the celebrities to be featured in Madame Tussauds wax exhibition yah^^ Hyun Joong's effort has been escalated to yet another level, globally. And he is another step nearer to his dream of being a world star :D

I just can't hide my excitement of him being featured in the wax exhibition, I don't know why…. just so happy and excited for him. I hope I'll have a chance to pay a visit to the exhibition when Hyun Joong's wax figure is up. Hehehehe kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Here's a couple of pics shared at Madame Tussauds official site. Doesn't he look so good and he seem very happy too!


Pics Courtesy Madame Tussauds (

And I’m so in love with this pic cos of his smiles ^_______________^ it just make me smile along too

So handsome right?!!!! His eyes are so bright and lively, and his smiles… *melts*


Okok, so how to vote for your favorite pose? By Twitter or Facebook~~


1) Follow Madame Tussauds’s official twitter for Korea’s exhibition (@MTBusan)

2) From the 4 pose below, choose your favorite one.

3) @MTBusan has already tweeted the 4 pictures on their timeline, RT the tweet with the pose you like.


1) ‘Like’ Madame Tussauds Busan facebook page (

2) From the 4 pose below, choose your favorite one.

3) Indicate the pose# on the album with Hyun Joong (here).

Easy right? So quick go make your choice!!!! XDDDDDDD

I’m actually torn between pose 1 and pose 3… how? I think pose 3 is really electrifying! The other 3 poses are more subtle. Hehehehehe… what’s your choice huh? kekekekeke

Ok, I just realized I made a mistake >..<

Madame Tussauds has updated their FB that it's e first pose that will be waxed. Are u e lucky one? :p

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