28 Oct

Today, 28 October 2012, is SS501’s debut 2700 day!

I believe for those who are STILL loving and supporting SS501 as five members, everyday is just like their debut day. Everyday, we Triple S are looking forward and counting by the days that we have walked together with them. 2700 days, definitely is not any figure or any insignificant number that as Triple S, we can just overlook.

Take a time machine and travel back to 08 June 2005, the day that five boys stood on stage and made their first appearance officially.

This is how it magically started^^

Though I’m not a fan right from the beginning of this day, but I’m happy that I’m a fan now and hope to walk along with five of them as long as I can. As a Triple S, we have gone through happy days and sad days too. Something that majority of other fandoms did not have the ‘chance’ to go through. Through the days, we see there are fans who left the fandom, there are fans who became just fans of individual members, we’ve seen fans of individual members quarreling or you can say defending for their own favorite member. But all these fights never last long. It just take a few days and it’s over, everyone starts to get busy chasing after their own member again^^ Despite seeing so much fights, whether Korean fans or International fans, I’m still glad and proud to say Triple S is one strong fandom that will never be beaten down. We may see that each member have their own fanclubs and fans supporting separately, but at the end of the day, we are all cheering for the members of SS501. This is one thing that will never ever be changed, that is, each boy Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun…debut as members of SS501. This is undeniable and no matter how one tries, a fact that can’t be erased.

(actually I had wanted to talk about the five boys, duno how it ended up talking about fans and fanwars… >.<)

No matter what it is, what we Triple S are looking forward to now is definitely the reunion and comeback of our five boys together on the stage, their stage. 2700 days and still counting

Till then, I’m always THEIR Triple S^^

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