Will dreams come true…?

23 Oct

A short one, let’s talk about dreams today^^

Yup, dreams about your idol/s. Have you ever dreamt of your idol/s during your fangirling times? Well I guess there’s of course yes or no answers, and luckily and gladly, I have. And to add, it’s quite frequent that I dream of our boys, all of them and most frequently, is my bias Hyun Joong and Kyu Jong. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Dreams are lovely, that is if it’s a nice dream. So far my dreams of them are nice ones, and I always wake up smiling away :D

Just now I read about a dream of a fellow Triple S friend Violettacal, it was definitely one lovely dream and I like to share here. Click on the link to read on >> Her Dream

How did you feel after reading about the dream? Did you find something warm and familiar in the dream? The characters of each boy still remains just like before, despite that they are much more mature and displaying a manlier image now. In particular, Hyun Joong.

Cool as usual. KHJ didn’t sign. He merely stood on the stage and looked at us, quietly, as if trying to take a good look at us. Each and everyone of us. Everyone whom he had eye contacts with, he nodded his head gently to acknowledge. There wasn’t alot of fans to begin with, but KHJ looked at the fans as if saying, “it’s been long. I’m glad we met again, TripleS.”

My eyes went teary when I read the words “it’s been long. I’m glad we met again, TripleS.”

The way he just quietly standing there and watching each and every of his fans, if you have been diligently following him through fancams and fanaccounts and even fanpics, you should have noticed it, Hyun Joong always does it. When he is on stage, emcee talking, translator translating, he will just screen through the audience floor looking at his fans, acknowledging some, smiling at some, stare blankly at some… and then start spacing out. Hahahahaha yea, that’s him, our Hyun Joong.

I remembered Young Saeng also does that too, he will quietly look around at fans, and seemingly raised a little of his lip when he finds familiar faces. Sweet^^

Aiyah, I think I digress off liao. Hehehe.. Back to dreams, so, you think dreams will come true? There’s a saying ‘if you dream of something good, keep it to yourself and it will come true. if it’s a bad dream, say it out’, but such a lovely dream, it’ll be nice to share right? AND, we Triple S definitely are keeping the faith and waiting for the reunion of our 5 macho boys right?!! Dream or not, good or bad, the most important thing of all, is our belief. We must have and keep to the belief, support each of them as a whole, only then, reunion won’t be far. :D

The BEST SS501, I’m still waiting^^

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