2 Oct

When I first started my blog at Multiply, it was meant to only write on random stuff of SS501, just SS501. But now, moving forward in this blog, I’ll just write anything random about Kpop, including any other artistes that I may come across or interest me^^


So, this post is obviously for BigBang.

Am supposed to be attending their Alive Tour 2012 concert in Singapore on 29 September 2012. But it seem my fate with BB is never there….

My hubby likes BB, bias GD. When the concert dates were confirmed earlier, I had wanted very much to attend this concert together with my hubby, cos hubby’s birthday is on 2 Oct, (oh! it’s actually today!!^^) so I had the intention to treat this as his birthday pressie. And also mine actually, since mine falls on October too. How nice, right?!! But…. sigh…

Now, my memories of BB stops at the time when I was frantically trying to get into Sistic’s website to buy the concert tickets. All the anticipation and waiting for the ‘big’ day has gone totally.

What is left now is only this picture I took of the tickets I bought, but never got the chance to attend. Not gonna elaborate why I didn’t make it for the concert, since it’s no longer important.

When I had wanted to write this post, many thoughts came by and I had wanted to write them all, but I can’t remember anything now, so this post is just this short, accompanied with many regrets at the back of it TT_TT

Let’s see, next year, if they are to come by again, will I still be so fateless with them…?


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