Embarking my path as a Triple S…

3 Jun

I turned a Triple S starting last Aug/Sep… and while embarking my new journey as a new fan when I know nuts about Korean language and culture, it was a long and bothersome journey to some point. Basically I can only rely on english blogs and forums to catch up on the boys, from knowing their background, their past to present, it was fun, thrilling, exciting, happy, sad, tearing moments and more… and I’m more than willing to go through together whatever that may come in future, with SS501 and with Triple S of course.

As I started to become more ‘active’ as a Internet user, I realised there are many ways to bring the boys to more ‘needy’ people (I meant non-Korean speaking people lah… don’t read too much into my words hor…) I’m a total idiot when it comes to all kinds of software. But I learned to download videos, upload videos, use Windows Movie Maker to make videos, learned how to cut/edit mp3 etc etc etc… and of course, finally, it’s subbing… This is probably one of the quickest way to bring the boys to more people out there besides blogging too. So I did. Been there and done that… and I will go on, but at a pace where I can catch up with ease.

You know, all the read-up of blogs and forums brought alot of pleasure to me and deep within, I’m very grateful to all the bloggers out there who took so much time and effort to bring the boys across the globe to everyone. And of course, most importantly, I made many new friends and able to keep some form of ‘online’ friendship with a few, which really is such a happy thing for me. I want to sincerely THANK all these people out there… you know who you are, I don’t think I need to name you out. kekekeke

Ever since Cagali aka SS501UFO stopped blogging, I seemed to have lost touch totally… See! You are so important to me!! kekeke… Of course, again said, there are so many bloggers out there, so why would I be feeling so lost at all? Well, like I told Cagali unni, I’m so used to her style of blogging, thus it’s very difficult for me to adjust to others immediately… So while I’m trying to get myself adjusted to other great bloggers out there, I was just randomly thinking of starting a blog myself. But I’m totally clueless how to start… So I shared this thought with Josie and Crazynoona… and this is how 501wangja came about. You will probably be laughing away if you know how we got the whole blog out… from deciding what platform to use, name of the blog, style of blog, what to blog, how to blog etc and all these were decided over msn in a couple of days! I don’t even have much time to digest the whole thing myself and we just started blogging on that fateful day 22 March 2010 and Crazynoona got the honor to publish the first post!! ^^ Since then, everyday is a Crazy 4 U day for me personally. Stalking all over different fanclubs and platforms and news portals and blogs just to get updates to share (and I finally can understand what Cagali had gone through as a dedicated blogger who only want to feed the most updated and accurate info to all her readers). It’s really not an easy thing having to spend so much time to collect and collate info, get confirmation, translate and publish.

Now, as a blogger myself, I just want to show my appreciation to all other bloggers out there who has been doing such a good job all along and also to my partners-in-crime Crazynoona and Josie too.

정말 감사합니다!!!!
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